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This is a discussion on http://www.descipe.net/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[GUIDE]Ultimate Weapon Guide within the Soldier Front forum part of the MMOFPS's category; Hello this is my Ultimate Weapon Guide! For right now. Hopefully , you will love this tutorial and thank me ...

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Post http://www.descipe.net/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[GUIDE]Ultimate Weapon Guide

Hello this is my Ultimate Weapon Guide! For right now. Hopefully , you will love this tutorial and thank me for it =-)

Guns will be updated when they come out

There will Be A:
Description of Gun


-Noob Cannon

Sprayer Definition: A Sprayer is a individual player that either has a gun that shoots fast or has a sub-machine gun or machine gun.

Sniper Definition: A Sniper is a individual player that either has a gun that can kill in a single shot or a person that camps alot =P

M4--10/10 This gun is cheap which is good. This gun can shoot all the way across the map with bursts , and PWNS in close range.

AK -- 10/10 This is MY favorite because of its excellent power/accuracy, even more accurate than the M4 and more power. But because of its high recoil, many players can't handle it as well.

M16 -- 6/10 Sorry guys, but I can't stand this weapon, it's accuracy is horrible after only a few bursts, and it's power doesn't make up for it... get an AK or M4 instead

Sig551 -- 9/10 This is probably my second favorite weapon in the game, tied with M4, it's more powerful and I feel sometimes more accurate, only reason why I would get M4 instead of this is because m4 is half the price.

Famas -- 7/10 This gun is not worth the price... It can be outdone in close combat by AK, and does like 6 damage far range, which is horrible.

AN94 -- 8/10This used to be my favorite gun when I was a nub who didn't know how to use an AK, but this is a very fun gun to use because of its sheer power. Only bad thing is if you don't kill your target after 6-7 shots, it gets out of hand accuracy wise.

Noob Cannon 6/10 -- I know alot of noob cannon fanboys are going to disagree with my score here, but think about it... It gets owned up close by average sprayers and even if you are pro, it can't help you much close up, but long distance is another story.

M249 -- 7/10 This is purely a support gun, you can't fully auto across map at ALL only good short-mid range, high power, this is NOT worth the price

Aug -- 9/10 This is reguarded as the worst gun in SF, but it is not at all true, this gun can own at long range (with single shot) and can own close range, BUT I would still suggest M4/AK/551 over this =[

G36C -- 6/10 This gun is horrible except for its accuracy, its damage is HORRIBLE and takes like half a clip to kill one person, if you want a cheap gun, go with M4 over this...

P90 -- 9/10 This gun owns for people who like to rush and be offensive, the only way to be "pro" with this gun is to bunny hop so that your enemy has a hard time aiming at you.

Mp5 -- 5/10 This gun is a fun little monster, but still, if you go by the facts it sucks, it will get owned by ANY other sprayer except maybe the G36C. MP5 lovers, don't flame me, cause I love this gun too =[

K2 -- 8/10 I don't know why, but I've never used this gun much, even though it's good, it costs alot, I suggest getting an M4 over this because its much cheaper.

UZI--7/10 This weapon is a perfect rushing weapon , moves very fast when you hold it and it also reloads very fast. The price is a rip-off and it is fairly in-accurate. Overall I don't suggest buying this.

Galil--10/10 GALIL xD This gun OWNS.Unfortunately, AK STILL beats this gun, BUT for someone who can't handle the AK this gun is a PERFECT gun, I suggest buying this.

Dragunov--9/10 The dragunov can own instantly if you have the skills of a good sniper but if you just suck with the sniper then you wont be able to out match other snipers. I suggest buying this

PSG-1--10/10 PSG-1 is a the best sniper in my opinion. You can always own with it , and it has the power to kill in a single shot. I strongly suggest buying this for your first weapon. It is also cheap witch is good

Thanks me if this helped


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wew nc 1
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